Celebrate International Education Week - October 14-18, 2019

For one week every year, students at universities and colleges across the United States celebrate and experience the benefits of international education and exchange. Pitt actively participates in this joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education. International Week is hosted by the University Center of International Studies (UCIS) and will be between October 14 and October 18, 2019. UCIS is dedicated to initiating, supporting, and coordinating international activities campus-wide.  International Education Week is just one of the many ways that Pitt prepares students to become global citizens empowered with international knowledge, skills and experiences.  

PURPOSE OF INTERNATIONAL WEEK?  For every student on campus, International Week offers the chance to:

  • Expand awareness of and interest in global issues and global learning
  • Collaborate with and learn from international student groups 
  • Gain a new cultural understanding
  • Experience Pitt’s intercultural diversity
  • Sample a small part of life beyond the shores of America

HISTORY:  Beginning more than 15 years ago with a single event called the “International Fair on the Lawn,” then organized by the Study Abroad Office and the Office of International Services, the event celebrated and promoted multiculturalism and study abroad opportunities at Pitt.

Pitt's University Center for International Studies saw the possibility of expanding the celebration from a single one-day event to a full week of international programs and activities. The Fair on the Lawn grew to include International Day and a variety of other events that promote the international educational opportunities at Pitt; to increase the multicultural awareness of the University population; and to celebrate the international accomplishments of both the University and the community.